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Catdaddy's Driftmaster Testimonial-

When you are a pro guide and a hard core catman like me you have to depend on quality, day after day, month after month.  I put more miles on my Driftmaster rod holders than a new pair of shoes.  Those 50 and 80 pound flatheads and big blue cats would like nothing better than to jerk my rod & reel out of my boat.  I have seen big brute flatheads rip other rod holders right off the gunnell rail, screws and all.  I have been clear at the other end of my 20 ft. boat and have a big flathead bury the rod down and not have a worry in the world using my Driftmaster Rod Holders.   CatDaddy The Kansas Catman
Strength, Quality and Durability for all types of fishing.  Driftmaster Rod Holders #1. (Pro Guide Catdaddy Shumway)

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